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Our professional experience has taught us wisdom. Dozens of various projects, hundreds of private cases, thousands of words stated and heard have formed for us 5 major rules of doing logistics business.

We endeavor to follow these rules and believe this makes us successful experts in our field.

1. Maintain sustainability in business. Whether those were peaks of our company development or difficult times, we have always taken care of our business sustainability. Thanks to such approach we have been in the market for 15 years.

2. Love your business. Logistics services for us are something like a daily realistic strategy. We think over each hour, every kilometer and every kilogram.

3. Be honest and upright with respect to customers and partners. Well, there is no sense in commenting this. It goes without saying.

4. Work not hard, but rather cleverly. We have grasped this as transition from quantity into quality. Now, a minute of active intellectual labor of two people brings more benefits to the company than monthly efforts of an entire department seven years ago. We can promptly generate a solution which will be the basis of a whole project and ensure fulfillment of the task set by our customer.

5. Be fair as to money. Recommended. This is generously repaid without fail.

Logistic Center LLC Managing Partner Mykhailo Dubenskyi